Does your property suffer from any of the following defects?
  • water stains, discoloured paint, wallpaper
  • white crunchy salts on the surface, or pushing off the paint or paper
  • mould, black or green
  • a tide mark, often a wavy line along the wall (often at a height of 1m)
  • loose crumbly plaster, or hollow when tapped with the knuckles
  • skirting board creasing, inward or outward, or splitting into cubes
  • there is plaster right down to the floor (‘bridging' the DPC) - tap the skirtings with your knuckles, they should sound hollow at the base
  • soft, sagging, bouncy or rotting floor boards
  • insect holes
  • chimney breast stains
  • solid floor damp - check the wall to floor joint at the edges
  • water leaks from kitchen or bathroom fixtures or machines
  • leaking gutters, downpipes, drains
  • higher external ground levels than internal floor levels?

If so call the specialists you can trust to take good care of you and your home.

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